Spring break

The University calls this week Spring Break.

Students have scattered. Some headed home, others went to the beach. Some are using the time to catch up on assignments, while others are reveling in a spate of freedom.

Staff and faculty, who know how much work must be accomplished before the semester ends, are fiercely determined to whittle down their checklists this week. Meetings are suddenly more productive. Everything is different, and most are glad for the change.

Here on Weatherford Road, things are already different. Here, daily office work recedes and natural, warmer things advance. Here, there is no temptation to get away, no reprieve is necessary. Here, the promise of sweet times has already come true.

Although Dakota may feel differently, we won’t need to purchase pastel plastic eggs to hide in the yard when Easter comes.

Easter is already here. This is a place where renewal is an everyday thing and where grace abounds.

I love Spring Break.

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