Ship Building

Glenn has a sailor’s heart but a gardener’s chores. The old house we bought had been vacant for several years, and its yard was buried beneath a heavy blanket of pine straw, water oak leaves and fallen branches.

With a lawn tractor and various hand tools, over the past few months he’s raked and shoveled, and planted and built, and, now, despite Dakota’s able counter-efforts (daily digging her way to roots and rocks and miscellaneous subterranean treasures), by all accounts, we finally have a yard.

Today, the baby grass growing thickly where dull brown debris had previously dominated created a powerful draw. Like the ocean’s tide, it pulled me out.

But I have a mountain of writing to do (personal writing and writing for work) and a neat little website I’m dying to build.

So, on this perfect, warm spring afternoon on Weatherford Road, we opened the gazebo, and I spent the afternoon playing on the laptop, trying to build a boat.

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