Ready for the fight

You should have seen the other guy!

Apparently the Christmas wrapping paper that Dakota stole from under the bed in my office was more resilient than I realized!

When I threw away the nasty wet wad of red paper, I scored another win for Dakota and another loss for our store of household goods.

She’s racked up quite a tally. From the coffee tables, to Glenn’s hearing aid charger, to dish towels, and more, so far the score is Dakota: one zillion, Household: ziltch.

But when I passed by the side of the bed again, laying there on the carpet was a gleaming porcelain trophy, won by the paper in her final test.

Tonight, when I place the tooth under Dakota’s pillow, I hope the tooth fairy will replace it with a Milk Bone and a whispered word of encouragement while our pup sleeps.

“Keep growing stronger, my dear. There will be fiercer battles ahead.”

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