The beatings continue

By day’s end yesterday, my early sunny outlook had deteriorated. I chalked my poorer mood up to simple exhaustion, and I went to bed early.

Sadly, yesterday was a day at the beach. Today I learned that some of the projects I’ve been working on have more moving parts than I understood. And, more concerning, I also discovered a couple of brand new projects that need doing ASAP.

Lately it feels like the harder I work, the behinder I get .

Then, by reason of some little spark in the air, I had the good fortune to notice that others are trying as hard as they can, too, to keep the juggling balls from falling.

The little spark grew, and my outlook improved. I got up from my desk to take a personal thank-you note to the Post Office, and on the way, I found a lucky penny.

(Thank-you, Ellie Davies for helping me to appreciate that Lew’s pennies are everywhere. It may have been his penny, but I have no doubt you were my spark.)

Twenty yards ahead, I found 21 cents more!

When I got back to my desk I had a voicemail from a prospective donor I’d visited a couple of weeks ago to let me know he would be a $1,000 sponsor for one of this spring’s fundraisers. Less than an hour after that, I received a call from a donor who is coming next week to donate $10,000 for a new scholarship.

Yay for little sparks, Hip, Hip, Hooray for teams, and Thank-you, Lord for donors!!

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