Measure up

Our rain gauge came today!

The idea of adding a precipitation report to our daily household tasks was Glenn’s idea, but it strikes me as excellent.

As long as I’ve been writing — which is roughly as long as I can remember being alive — I’ve never tracked the weather. I’ve paid it no mind at all.

But the Psalmist’s plea that the Lord would teach him about the measure of his days, because he wanted to know more fully just how frail he was, also strikes me as right.

I make my plans, create my lists, and worry about what’s not been done or what may not be possible. It’s as if I imagine that my path is fully within my control.

I don’t know my limits, but I pray to be ever more appreciative of the moments of my journey and of my ability to make a difference.

Looking skyward every morning to take note of a simple gift that makes all of our moments possible, and which I cannot possibly compel, seems like a good way to start.