Here’s to early morning excursions, bigger-than-life adventures, private prayers and voyages that matter.

Like many, I’ve made a habit of putting my aspirations and observations on paper. I believe that page by page my silently expressed first-draft creations can change the course of the day and all the days to come.

And so, I write. Every day. And I observe and listen. Every day. Through it all, I create and build and persevere.

I’ve created Weatherford Nauticals as a place to widen the conversation.  By sharing first-person glimpses of my journey (before time or loss or embarrassment or learning or growth erode my faith in the divine inspiration that illuminates each scene), I hope you will recognize yourself in my stories. When you do, I hope you’ll agree that both of our journeys are noteworthy expeditions.

And more, I want to encourage you to write your stories and to share them generously.

Logs, blogs, letters, notes, and tales of the sea–Weatherford Nauticals is about journaling for personal growth.